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The following is a list of access points from the Connecticut River's Headwaters south to Long Island Sound. Click on the name of the access point to view it on a map.
Access Point River mile Site Description City State
Fourth Connecticut Lake 410 Foot access only; 0.75 mile walk to a shallow pond with a floating bog that marks the headwaters of the Connecticut River. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Third Connecticut Lake 407.5 Unimproved ramp (car-top access only) provides access to a small crystalline lake, primarily used by anglers with or without motors. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Second Connecticut Lake access 401 Improved ramp providing access to a big, open, and beautiful lake. Also consider exploring East Inlet and Scott Bog, accessible from East Inlet Road. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Magalloway Bridge Access 396.5 Improved, car-top only access, providing access to quickwater-Class IV rapids (depending on flow conditions!). Pittsburg New Hampshire
First Connecticut Lake 392 Improved ramp for all boats Pittsburg New Hampshire
Lake Francis Ramp 388 Improved ramp providing access to Lake Francis, off south side of RT. 3. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Lake Francis State Park 388 Improved ramp providing access to a popular (and often windy) lake. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Fletcher Bridge - informal Access 382 An informal launch site in Pittsburgh provides access to a stretch of quickwater and Class I-II rapids, navigable at medium water levels (look for flow conditions between 250-1000 cfs). Warning: access is steep with tricky footing. An easier access can be found slightly downstream off Rt 3. Pittsburg New Hampshire
Beecher Falls Landing 374.5 Behind the closed Candlestick Restaurant, immediately downstream of the Rt 3 bridge, this access provides a take-out for groups not seeking to run the challenging Beecher Falls rapids that follow. Vermont
Canaan Access 373 Starting point for multi-day journeys. Located just below the Canaan to West Stewartstown Bridge. Park in the field downstream of the access, on land recently conserved by the Vermont River Conservancy. Canaan Vermont
Arlin Brook Access 365.5 Unimproved ramp. Car-top access only. Access via an unmarked dirt road leading west of US 3 across from a rest area with the Connecticut River Byway Wapoint Center for Colebrook. Do not park in the turn-around area, as boats with trailers need space to navigate. Colebrook New Hampshire
Colebrook Bridge St. Access 362.5 A foot bridge and small set of stairs leads to a sandy area under the Lemingyon-Colebrook Bridge, on the New Hampshire side of river. Car-top access only. Accessed off of Bill Bromage Drive. Colebrook New Hampshire
Columbia Covered Bridge 359

Access is possible on both sides of the river. However, access is easier on the Vermont side, where there is an unimproved ramp.

Columbia New Hampshire
Lemington River Access 355.8 Improved access developed for paddlers, drift boats, and rafts. Lemington Vermont
Lymans Falls NH 350.6 A rough gravel road through a small quarry leads to a picnic area and river access just below the breached dam at Lyman Falls in Columbia, NH Columbia New Hampshire
Debanville Landing 347.7 Unimproved path. Car-top access only. Park by the Northern Forest Canoe Trail kiosk on the other side of RT 102. Bloomfield Vermont
N. Stratford Access 346.8 Across is possible from the Riverside Park playing fields. Unimproved path, for car-top access only. North Stratford New Hampshire
Maidstone Bridge 336.4 Cartop access on New Hampshire side, down river of bridge. Startford New Hampshire
Wyoming Dam Portage and Access 322.9 The breached Wyoming Dam is a hazard due to rebar jutting into the river. A take out is located immediately upstream on the Vermont side. A portage trail takes paddlers acros Route 105 to a put-in downstream of the dam. Please be considerate of adjacent landowners and stay on the portage trail. Limited parking is available for those seeking to begin a river trip here. Guildhall Vermont
US 2 Bridge Access 313.3 At bridge in Lancaster, one finds an improved ramp for all boats. Ask at gas station for best location to park. Lancaster New Hampshire
Mount Orne Covered Bridge 307.3 Small parking area and hand-carry launch, just south of the Mount Orne Covered Bridge on the Vermont side of the river. Lunenburg Vermont
John's River Ramp 304.2 Maintained by the power company at Gilman Dam. Dalton New Hampshire
Gilman Boat Launch 297.8 This launch site, provided by TransCanada Hydro is suitable for all boats. It somewhat difficult to find and can be shallow and muddy at low water. Gilman Vermont
North Littleton Boat Launch 294.7 Improved ram for all boats. North Littleton New Hampshire
Pattenville Boat Launch 292.5 Improved ramp for all boat types Littleton New Hampshire
Pine Island Boat Launch: 292.5 Improved ramp, accessible from the north side of NH 135/18 Littleton New Hampshire
Dodge Hill Boat Launch 292.3 Improved ramp. Littleton New Hampshire
Waterford Boat Launch 291.6 Improved launch, off Riverside Cemetery Rd. Waterford Vermont
Moore Dam Picnic Area 291 Located on the south side of Moore Dam. Location of picnic area and Improved ramp for all boats. Littleton New Hampshire
Moore Dam Portage (VT) 290.5 North side of Moore Dam. Well-marked. 1/4 mile portage trail on mostly grass. River access only. More popular. Lower Waterford Vermont
Waterford Bridge Boat Launch 289.5 On north side of NH 135 just after NH 135 and 18 split. Improved launch. Toilets. Littleton New Hampshire
Pine Grove Boat Launch 283.5 Off Comerford Dam Road on VT side. Improved ramp. Toilets. Barnet Vermont
Comerford Dam - Downstream Access 283.3 For whitewater canoes and kayaks. Water levels can rise up to six feet and create Class III rapids. Difficult going at low water because of boulders and shallows. Monroe New Hampshire
Comerford Dam - Reservoir Access 282.1 Improved ramp. Steep but groomed portage trail. Monroe New Hampshire
Passumpsic River Access 281.5 On Passumpsic River, this unimproved access is for car-top launches only. East Barnet Vermont
Barnet-Monroe Bridge Access 279 At base of bridge connecting US 5 and NH 135 on NH side. Small launch - unimproved ramp, car top only Monroe New Hampshire
McIndoe Falls Portage And Access 276 This short, easy portage around the dam also serves as a car-top only access point. Monroe New Hampshire
Ryegate Dame Portage and Access Point 272.4 Unimproved path - car-top access only, from short portage trail on NH side, around run of the river dam. Parking and toilet facilities. Bath New Hampshire
Woodsville Access 268

Small, sandy beach in town of Woodsville. Downstream of bridge, on Connecticut Street. Unimproved ramp, car-top access only.

Woodsville New Hampshire
Knoxland Cartop Boat Lauch 265

Steep bank provides limited public access point across conserved land. Knoxland Farm provides a public boat launch site for muscle powered cartop boats such as canoes and kayaks.

Knoxland Vermont
Newbury-Haverhill Bridge Access 257.5

Improved ramp for all boat types.

Newbury Vermont
Bedell Bridge State Park 254.5 Boat ramp and picnic area at premier birding site. Haverhill New Hampshire
Bugbee Landing Access Point 248

Small dock and unimproved ramp at the mouth of Waits River. Access off Doe Meadow Rd by driving through fairgrounds.

Bradford Vermont
Orford Boat Landing 239.5 Improved ramp and dock Orford, NH New Hampshire
North Thetford Landing 233.8 Improved ramp for all boat types. Thetford Vermont
Hewes Brook Boat Launch 229.8 Located on River Rd. in Lyme, this site provides car-top access to the Connecticut River at the mouth of Hewes Brook. Lyme, NH New Hampshire
Ompompanoosuc Launch 226.5 Unimproved ramp for all boat types Pampanoosuc Vermont
Wilson Landing 225.25

Improved boat ramp and dock managed by the town of Hanover

Ledyard Canoe Club 221.3 The Ledyard Canoe Club allows the public to use their launch, located in Hanover, NH Hanover, NH New Hampshire
Wilder Picnic Area 219.3 On Vermont shore. Small dock and picnic area. Hartford Vermont
Kiowatt Park Boat Landing 219.1 Boating facility and public recreation area with several launch points, a picnic area, and hiking trails along the river. Hartford Vermont
East Wilder Boat Launch 219 Off Rt 10 N, take a left on Wilder Rd Lebanon, NH New Hampshire
Wilder Dam Portage 218.6 Unimproved path, car-top access only. Lebanon, NH New Hampshire
Lyman Point Park Launch 217.1 Unimproved path provides access from a town park. Hartford Township Vermont
Lebanon Public Boat Launch 215.7 Near wastewater treatment facility. Lebanon, NH New Hampshire
Blood's Brook Launch 213.5 In Lebanon Wildlife Management Area. Unimproved path. Cartop only. Lebanon, NH New Hampshire
Ottauquechee Launch 211.8 Unimproved ramp for cartop launches only. North Hartland Vermont
Sumner Falls Portage and Access 209.3 Well marked portage trail. Fantastic white water play reach. Dangerous Rapids For Open Boats. Unimproved path. Unmarked road provides access from the Vermont side to a picnic area and launch point. Hartland. Vermont
Cornish Boat Landing 202.3 Unimproved ramp just north of covered bridge. Cornish Vermont
Wilgus State Park Access 196.3 Small park with campgrounds just past the mouth of the Sugar River. Steep and muddy takeout. Ascutney Vermont
Ashley Ferry State Park 192.8 Only improved boat ramp between Cornish and Chesire. Claremont, NH New Hampshire
Hoyt's Landing 185.1 Improved ramp for all boating types. One of the few spots on the river that is wheelchair accessible. Geared toward anglers. Toilets. Springfield Vermont
Patch Park 184.5 Expansive, grassy picnic area and playing field with a unimproved ramp that accommodates small boats. Charlestown, NH New Hampshire
Charlestown Lower Landing 182.7

Due to subsidence of the concrete ramp, TransCanada has closed the ramp to protect public safety. Plans for repair are underway.

Charlestown, NH New Hampshire
Herrick's Cove Picnic Area and Boat Launch 178.8 Peaceful park on Vermont side, maintained by power company. Rockingham Vermont
Pine Street Boat Launch 176.1 Small ramp next to an old brick building. North Walpole, NH New Hampshire
Pine Street Boat Launch 176.1 Small ramp next to an old brick building. North Walpole, NH New Hampshire
Bellows Falls Historical Society River Access 175.5

Footpath providing access for nonmotorized boats bellow the Bellows Falls Historical Society.

Connecticut River Car-Top Access 171.6 Shaded by enormous siler maples, which help stabilize banks against erosion. Walpole, NH New Hampshire
North Walpole Access 171

Sandy beach below Bellows Falls

Connecticut River Car-Top Access 166.5

Shaded by enormous siler maples, which help stabilize banks against erosion.

Walpole, NH New Hampshire
Putney Landing 158.8 Improved ramp for car-top and small motorboats. Putney Vermont
Dummerston Landing 158.3 Small access point maintained by VT Fish and Game. Dummerston Vermont
Chesterfield River Road Boat Access 155.2 Improved ramp for all boat types. Chesterfield Vermont
Old Ferry Road Boat Access 153.2 Improved ramp for all boat types. Brattleboro Vermont
Retreat Meadows 150.5 Limited parking along road. Improved ramp for car-top boats. Brattleboro Vermont
Broad Brook 147.6 Unimproved cartop launch Brattleboro Vermont
Hinsdale Access 144.7 Muddy beach in cove serves as an informal access point for small boats. Hinsdale New Hampshire
Retreat Meadows 144.5

Limited parking along road. Improved ramp for car-top boats.

Brattleboro Vermont
Governor Hunt Recreation Area 143.7 Provides access below the Vernon dam. Open for day use only - no overnight use. Vernon Vermont
Riverview Picnic and Recreation Area 124.5

Picnic area owned by First Light.

Northfield Massachusetts
Barton Cove Canoe & Kayak Rental Area 118.25

Picnic area and boat rental operation owned by FirstLight. Location for portage shuttle.

Gill Massachusetts
State Boat Ramp at Bartons Cove 118

Improved Launch for all boating types.

Gill Massachusetts
Deerfield River Launch 117

Informal launch, accessed by walking down an unimproved path after crossing over a guardrail

Greenfield Massachusetts
Popular Street Access 117

Steep, eroding access serves as a put-in below the Turner's Falls Dam

Turner's Falls Massachusetts
Sunderland Ramp 106

Paved access off School Street

Sunderland Massachusetts
Cow Bridge Brook Ramp (Hatfield Town Ramp) 100

Unimproved ramp. Seasonal toilets.

Hatfield Massachusetts
Elwell Recreation Area 92.5

Improved access area with ample parking, toilet facilities, and a float dock.

Northamption Massachusetts
Oxbow State Ramp 87.5

Improved ramp for all boating sites located in an old river oxbow on the west side of the river.

Northampton Massachusetts
Brunelle's Marina 85.5

Boat ramp, marina, and take-out location for HG&E to shuttle around dam.

South Hadley Massachusetts
Canal Park (South Hadley Canoe Ramp) 82.5

A small park with a seasonal dock that serves as a takeout above the dam.

South Hadley Massachusetts
Stanly Berchulski Fisherman Access 81.5

A steep access road and improved ramp provides access below the dam in Holyhoke.

South Hadley Massachusetts
Jones Ferry River Access 77.5

Improved ramp for all boating sites.

Holyhoke Massachusetts
Medina Street Ramp 77

Improved access for all boating types.

Chicopee Massachusetts
Springfield Access 71.8

Steep set of concrete stairs provides access from the city of Springfield from a riverside park. No nearby parking.

Springfield Massachusetts
Bushnell Park 71.8

Unimproved car-top access in a small municipal park.

Pynchon Point 69.7

Picnic area provides access in the Town of Agwam. 150 yard walk down improved trail.

Riverfront Park 69

Peaceful park suitable for launching hand-carry boats, just south of a yacht club

Thomsponsville Town Ramp 64

Well developed access with ample parking.

Kings Island Boat Launch 63

Improved ramp, just south of junction of Bridge Street and Parson's Road.

Windsor Locks Public Ramp 57.5

This privately owned launch, 1530 Palisado Avnue (CT 159), houses an improved ramp for all boat types. It is just to the south of Albertson Restaurant and Pub

South Windsor Public Ramp 53

Improved ramp and parking off Vibert Road.

Bissell Bridge Boat Launch 52

Improved Ramp For All Boating Types

Riverside Park 50

Community boathouse and improved ramp for all boating types, off Jennings Road. Volleyball, cricket and playgrounds, trails, sculptures, and athletic fields.

Hartford Connecticut
Great River Park 49

Improved ramp off East River Drive. 350-seat amphitheater, toilets, sculptures and almost two miles of paved and lighted riverwalks.

Hartford Connecticut
Charter Oak Landing 47.2

Improved ramp off Reserve Road in Hartford, CT.

Hartford Connecticut
Wethersfield Cove Boat Launch 45

Includes docks, moorings in the Cove and a boat launch with access to the Connecticut River. Launch fee charged ($7 resident, $15 nonresident for a small boat).

Glastonbury Public Ramp 44.5

Unimproved ramp for car-top boats only.

Glastonbury Connecticut
Rocky Hill Ferry Park Boat Launch 37.5

Improved ramp. $60 seasonal fee for residents, $30 daily fee for nonresidents.

Rocky Hill Connecticut
Harbor Park 30.5

Docks and improved ramp for car-top and small trailer boats.

Middletown Connecticut
Haddam Meadows State Park 19

Improved ramp for all boating types, picnic tables, and seasonal portable bathroom facilities.

Haddam Connecticut
Salmon River Boat Launch 17

Improved launch for all boating types located at the mouth of Salmon River off Route 149, 1.5 miles north of the junction with Route 82.

East Haddam Connecticut
East Haddam Town Landing (Goodspeed Landing) 15.5

A sandy, car top boat launch just south of the Goodspeed Opera House parking lot.

East Haddam Connecticut
Chester Town Boat Landing 14

Improved launch for town residents with valid sticker only.

Chester Connecticut
Hadlyme Ferry Boat Launch 13

An unimproved ramp, car top only, just upstream of the Hadlyme ferry and Gillette Caste State Park.

Hadlyme Connecticut
Lyme Town Boat Access 9

Car top only launch off Cove Rd.

Lyme Connecticut
Little Point Street 7.5

Improved ramp, car-top only.

Essex Connecticut
Bushnell Park 6.5

Improved ramp, car-top only

Essex Town Dock 6

Improved ramp for all boating types. Limited parking.

Essex Connecticut
Scholes Lane 6

Small car-top launch at end of Scholes Lane. On street parking.

Essex Connecticut
Nott Lane Open Space 6

Car-top launch adjacent to Essex Town Park

Essex Connecticut
Pilgrim Landing 5

Small cartop north of Baldwin Bridge on Route 156, past the Old Lyme Marina

Old Lyme Connecticut
Deep River Town Landing 4.5

Well equiped boat launch and fishing pier.

Baldwin Bridge State Boat Launch 3.5

Improved Ramp For All Boat Types

Old Lyme Road Launch Site 3

Small car-top boat access with floating dock, beach area, and picnicing

Old Lyme Connecticut
Lieutenant River Boat Launch 2.8

Car Top/Carry-In Launch located on the west side of Route 156, south of Ferry Road.

Old Lyme Connecticut
Great Island State Boat Launch 2

Improved launch for all boating types off Route 156

Old Lyme Connecticut
North Cove Town Ramp 1.5

Narrow, improved ramp for car-top and small boats.

Old Saybrook Connecticut