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Upper Connecticut Canoe and Kayak Shuttle Service

Stacey Campbell and her family provides shuttling services for paddlers along the Upper Connecticut, from Pittsburg to the Moore Dam area. Reservations required: call 603-237-4544 (h) or 802-274-7634 (cell).


Columbia Valley Campground
United States
44° 52' 29.784" N, 71° 31' 1.218" W
Business Type: 
Boat rentals, guide, and shuttle services
Columbia, NH
The Great North Woods
Phone Number: 
603-237-4544 (h) or 802-274-7634 (cell).
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Columbia Valley Campground

Justing sending along a note of reminder to all that there is no Columbia Valley Campground. The business never was built. There are some camping sites along the river in that area, to name a few: Holbrook Site, Columbia Town property and we still allow camping at our personal site on NH side opposite the Lemington launch. Also I hope to still shuttle some of the wonderful folks on the river this year. 603-237-4544. Stacey