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Enfield Dam Portage

Enfield Breach Dam Portage Routes


Breached Dam CT
United States
41° 59' 18.5748" N, 72° 36' 11.3724" W
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Site Description: 
A breached dam in Enfield is a hazard to paddlers. Experienced boaters may be able to navigate the rapids on river left. Those seeking to portage have two options.
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The first is a 3.3 mile wheel-able route through town, taking out at the Thompsonville Town and Ramp and putting in at the Kings Island Boat Launch. Those willing to scramble up steep banks can take-out on river right just upstream of the rapids, walk through a parking lot, along a path before putting in at the start of an old canal .This is a much shorter route (.15 miles) but is currently a challenge to navigate.

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