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Lyman Falls (NH)

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A campsite has been developed for paddlers' on an island immediately across the river from Lyman Falls State Park and just upstream of the breached dam at Lyman Falls.

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Lyman Falls is approximately five miles below the Lemington River Access. The river here is characterized by quick water and Class I rapids, and is best paddled at medium levels in the spring, fall, or during a wet summer. Warning: the breached dam at Lyman Falls is a hazard for paddlers. Old sections of concrete create pinning hazards at all levels and hydraulics at high water. It is best navigated by paddling or lining on the New Hampshire side. It is best to stop in at the parcel (or walk in from Lyman Falls State Park) to scout the rapid. In addition, be sure to bring a map of the river with you. On the south-western edge of the island above the breached dam is a trail providing access to a camping area for paddlers.


Columbia, NH
United States
44° 46' 41.16" N, 71° 35' 43.422" W
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Town of Columbia, NH
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Offical Campsite
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