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Westminster Campsite

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Small campsite at mouth of Morse Brook, beneath a stand of silver maples.

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This parcel was conserved by the VRC in 2014 through the purchase of a conservation easement. The campsite was constructed just to the north of the outlet to Cobb Brook. Note it is not on the Connecticut River Map and Guide (1st Edition) or the Watershed Council's Boating Guide (3rd Edition)- so mark your map accordingly! During the summer there is a nice landing beach at the mouth of the brook. Follow a small trail north to the campsite. While well away from roads, be prepared for the occasional train passing through.



Westminster, VT
United States
43° 5' 40.9668" N, 72° 26' 20.2092" W
River mile: 
Max Group Size: 
12 Campers, 3 Tents
Site Type: 
Offical Campsite
Site Status: 
Closed for the season
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