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Wantastiquet campsite

Just curious what is happening with this campsite. We stopped there on our last multi-day trip and it is in horrible condition and over all did not seem like a nice spot for a campsite to begin with (river rats, trash, vandalism, deep mud where you have to get out). Is there a possibility of creating a different one?

Site is in good shape..

This is from the folks at TransCanada (7/27)
Visited the site this morning. In very good shape. Cleaned up minor trash, added peat to the pit toilet (which was in a remarkably clean condition),Thanks to Mike and Eric for their efforts!


Sorry to here you found it in bad condition, I have noted it in our list of stewardship needs. The site has been plagued with use by vagrants the last few years. TransCanada has done a great job cleaning up the site once we alert them of issues. Can you clarify the vandalism you saw?

There certainly could be an opportunity to improve the landing, which would most likely happen as part of the ongoing FERC relicensing agreement.

There may be an opportunity to find an alternative location in the vicinity for a new campsite, one that isn't as road accessible, but due to wetlands and roads in the vicinity options are a bit limited. We can also work to recruit new volunteers to visit the site more regularly...