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Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the official policy is for it first come first serve or is there actually any way to reserve the sites? I was planning a camping trip end of the summer at Patchen's point with 10-12 adults (I believe the max is 12)...any help is greatly appreciated!


I believe all official sites from Canada to Mass border are first come first serve unless otherwise stated. This is what the paddlers trail website says at the top of the "campsites,access points, and portage trail"list..."Campsites are generally open from May-October. Most in this stretch of the river are first come, first serve."...I know there are additional sites on the river that are not official paddlers trail sites some are free and some of them you are supposed to get reservations for, like chase and jarvis island through Great River Outfitters...but I know ppl camp there alot without reservations.