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Ryegate Dame Portage and Access Point

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Ryegate Dame Portage and Access Point Bath, NH
United States
44° 12' 26.2764" N, 72° 3' 25.65" W
Site Description: 
Unimproved path - car-top access only, from short portage trail on NH side, around run of the river dam. Parking and toilet facilities.
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Offical Access Point

Tricky entry

"Unimproved ramp" is an understatement - the entry below the dam is tricky footing and very rocky. There is a porta-potty along the trail.

tricky footing and very rocky?

Would you say the Rygate Dam portage is wheelable north to south, or partially wheelable? I have a pretty rugged home-made cart with big wheels for rough terrain(tested and proven). the "tricky footing and very rocky" has me a bit concerned. I may have to scout it and a few other places a wk or 2 before my cannan-northfield ma. trip in late may-early June 2017.

Only the down river access is an issue.

You will be able to traverse most of the portage without a problem. Its about one-thousand feet of mowed grass field and dirt road. The entry on the down river side is where it is tricky. There is a narrow dirt path (maybe 100 feet) leading to a rocky outcrop that drops five or so feet to a small sandy beach. There are places to step down on the rocks as long as you are careful. It is reasonable if not tricky for two people to carry a boat along the path and to the water without having to put the boat down. If you are alone you will be able to leave the boat at the top of the rocks then walk down and lower it to you. You may have to carry the boat along the path, depending on the width of your cart. Have fun.