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Knoxland Cartop Boat Lauch

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Knoxland Cartop Boat Lauch Knoxland, VT
United States
44° 7' 26.5368" N, 72° 2' 42.63" W
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Steep bank provides limited public access point across conserved land. Knoxland Farm provides a public boat launch site for muscle powered cartop boats such as canoes and kayaks.

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Offical Access Point
From the Town of Newbury continue north on Route 5 for approximately 4 miles. Turn right onto Round Barn Road (formerly Leete Rd.) and continue to the farmstead where you will see a cartop boat launch directional sign. Turn right at the “T” and you should see a sign at the field edge for the designated parking area. This is where all vehicles should be left after launching your cartop boats. To launch a boat continue past this parking location and over a concrete pad turn right onto the farm road which travels through the field. Looking to the left keep your eyes open while driving along this road for a boat launch sign located near the top of the river bank. There is often irrigation pump equipment at this same spot. Drive to the sign taking care to minimize any crop damage (use the same route previous visitors have used) and return your vehicle to the parking area before heading out on the river.
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Please note that when we say "muscle-powered," we mean it! While this is a great place to leave your car as you start a paddle, the actual access to the river is very steep and may not be suitable for all. Taking out is particularly difficult. The surrounding 280 acres of farmland has a historic round barn and currently operates as a dairy farm. The fields around the farm buildings are used to grow forage (livestock food) so it is important to minimize any damage to these crops when you are looking for the launch site. Please park in the designated parking area located back at the edge of the farmstead. Overnight camping is not allowed at this site.


Scouted from the land side 7 June 2016 and it appears to be abandoned. The conservancy sign is still standing. (The covered up word is "Cartop".) But I didn't see any other sign, from the road, for parking, or directing to the location. Without the above directions I never would have found it, as driving up feels like trespassing on home and workplace. The corn (?) had just sprouted.

Past the sign at the bank, the grass was waist-high and gave no clue to the path. There was a rut in the ground below which may be where the path used to be.

The bank is on the edge of what's possible to ascend without gear. I'd estimate a 5-foot vertical step from a narrow strip of pebbly "beach". There may have been some foot-marks in the bank or it may have been erosion. With so much vegetation and such a steep drop, getting down could be said to be entirely too easy.

Maybe these are typical conditions for the start of the season, or maybe this has been abandoned for years.