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SCA Campsite

Site Description: 
Two miles below Hubbard Island. Managed by the Student Conservation Association, who occasionally may use the site for short durations in the summer to house crews. First come, first served basis or call ahead for large group reservation requests. Contact Vallerie Bailey - or (603) 504-3264.
More Info: 

Access to the site is up a short, but somewhat steep trail with box/check steps. The site sits in an area with hemlocks overlooking the river and adjacent to a field. It includes three tent platforms, a composting toilet, and a small network of trails. Fires are not permitted - stoves only.


Charlestown, NH
United States
43° 19' 0.0516" N, 72° 23' 38.8536" W
River mile: 
Distance to Next Campsite: 
Max Group Size: 
2 Small Groups
Land Owner: 
SCA (Student Conservation Association)
Site Type: 
Offical Campsite
Site Status: 
Site Adopter Needed?: 
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SCA campsite


if coming from south, no problem. if coming from north, you need to watch for the sign, you can't really see it till your beside it(or past it, looking back)you know your close if you hear irrigation pumps coming from vt side, site landing is right across from a light colored cedar shake house with a dock. When I was there, there was a small narrow beach area, you'll have to unload here and gently throw(or hand up)your gear up a 5' cliff, once all gear is up, tie rope to your bow and climb up the cliff(it's not too bad, somebody even fixed a rope at the top to aid you) then pull up the boat(on the beach, waves from boat wakes can get pretty big). beware near the top of the stairway, the leaves can be slick, even when dry(a railing or more stairs would be nice here).