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Windyhurst Campsite

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A primitive campsite open to the public, only for nonmotorized boats.
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This site is located under a stand of mature silver maples in a bend in the river, just after an agricultural field. In the spring of 2013 it was upgraded with a picnic table and privy.
Windyhurst Campsite


Walpole, NH
United States
43° 0' 41.2452" N, 72° 26' 33.0612" W
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Windyhurst Farm
Site Type: 
Offical Campsite
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Windyhurst Campsite still closed?

Could someone please confirm that this site is closed for the 2016 season? I was hoping to stay there with my Boy Scout troop in mid-August.

Update 8/3/16 - I heard back from the sponsor that it is open and they've changed the status here.