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Dodge Falls Campsite

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Site Description: 
Small campsite at the portage of Ryegate Dam, about .5 miles north of Dodge Falls.
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This campsite is near the north end of the portage around the Dodge Falls hydro facility. Port-a-john a short walk away (near the dam). Please keep fires small and controlled -video cameras have been installed to reduce vandalism and inappropriate behavior.


United States
44° 12' 38.2824" N, 72° 3' 27.1224" W
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Land Owner: 
Dalton Hydro LLC
Site Type: 
Offical Campsite
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Nice campsite

I'd call this a campsite rather than a campground. It has a small lean-to shelter, a small tent platform, a fire ring, and (closer to the dam) a porta-potty. Nice pine-needle terrain around the campsite, but watch for poison ivy along the trail from the river.