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Canaan to Maidstone

I'd like to plan a trip from Canaan to Maidstone, but am not sure where to find out if there are any rapids. I'm not too worried for myself as much as I am the rest of the family. Anyone know a good reference for where any rapids are? Thanks.

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Hi Josh, We are working on a printed map that will clearly list the rapids. However, until it is published your best best is the Connecticut River Boating Guide (published by the watershed council) as well at the Connecticut River Joint Commission's online maps: The most significant rapid in the stretch from Canaan to Maidstone is Lyman Falls. This rapid can be largerly avoided by running (or lining) on river left. At low water levels, I've heard of people hitting chunks of the dam in the center and swamping their boats. At spring water levels there can be some significant waves in the center of the rapid that certainly could swamp a boat, as well as pieces of the dam on river right that are a potential pining hazard. There are also some rapids below North Stratford, but at most levels are straightforward Class I. Rapids very greatly based on water levels. We hope to have gauge info up on this website soon, but until then you can go straight to the USGS gauges at Hope this helps, Noah


Thanks for the info, I'll check it all out now. I'll leave a post on how our trip goes. Thanks again.


Sure, they promise to leave a trip report, but it falls by the wayside. :-) This is below where you were asking about, but we found some minor rapids between Ryegate Dam and Howard Island, as well as a very short section just below Howard Island. The rest down to Wilder Dam was quite flat. We actually wanted more!