We are in need of a shuttle from Mt. Orne back to our put in Canaan access. We have 2 canoes 2 people. Does anyone have a recommendation for a business that will provide this please?

I am available to shuttle folks on the Connecticut again this year. General area of Canaan, Vt to Gilman, Vt. 603-237-4544 or cell 802-274-7634.

Hi I am curious if you are still offering a shuttle service in the Canaan VT area?
I am planning a trip May 25th. And would simply need a ride from Debanville Landing up to Canaan.
If not, do you have any information about shuttles in this area?

Any luck finding a shuttle, Sebastian? I called the person above with no luck

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Gina Brown has opened her business in Lemington, Vt. —it’s called Columbia Bridge Adventures —renting kayaks and canoes, shuttle service, guided paddle tours, and has established a few riverside campsites in Colebrook, Columbia, and Stratford. Phone: 603-331-1174. Or and on Facebook.