Req. advice: Putney Landing to Broad Brook, VT

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In a couple of weeks, I'm thinking of doing a solo run from Putney Landing ( down to Broad Brook, just below Brattleboro ( Google Maps shows the distance is about 8.5 miles. Has anyone here done this before? Any info on current, hazards, dams, etc? And do I need a launch permit? I'm using an Aspire 105, which is pretty stable and tracks well.

sounds like a fun day. should take 3-4 hrs(or more if taking in the sights)It's about 12 river miles, no dams, current should be very minimal, I'm not aware of any real hazards but just watch the power boat traffic(someone that knows this stretch of river better might know of some) . a nice addition to your trip would be to paddle into the Retreat Meadows area and up into the West River a bit. there's a cpl nice riverside restaurants in Brattleboro(The Marinia Restaurant and Whetsone station). and also maybe a stop at the Wantastiquet campsite just North and on the nh side from Broad Brook. I have no current info on Broad Brook landing conditions.

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All good to know, thank you. And there's water in the West River? Last time I was in the Dummerston area, it was nearly dry. So my main question then is where I can pull out and have my car waiting. I know the Marina Restaurant on the West River, but i wouldn't mind going a little farther down than that.

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For the benefit of anyone who may discover this thread later: the Broad Brook landing isn't good. There is no place to park and the dirt road access is blocked by large, cement blocks. It seems the only place to access the Connecticut River in the Brattleboro area is at the Marina restaurant, just north of town. This is from my own area survey driving up and down Rt. 142.

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I parked there once, I recall there is room for one car in front of the cement blocks? Definitely not ideal, but I remember it as doable.