Water Levels

Does anyone know how the water level and white water conditions are in early June for a canoe trip from the Comerford Dam Downstream Access to the Newbury-Haverhill Bridge Access? Even if you only know a certain area or spot within these two points, all information will be greatly useful and appreciated.

Between Rygate/Dodge Falls Dam and the Newbury-Haverhill Bridge Access it is almost entirely flat water at that time of year (really at all times of the year). There is a section that is maybe a quarter mile long after you pass under the two bridges in Wells River (44.207299 -72.057125) where the water speeds up a bit over a rocky area and you will have to navigate some to keep straight and shoot through. In the late summer the water in that section can be low and if you're not mindful or if you're coolers are too full you can get stuck on rocks.

Before and after that it is almost all flat water in the section I identified.