Haddam Meadows SP to North Cove Town Ramp

Anyone on the river this weekend? On 26-27 May I'll be doing the section between Haddam Meadows SP (river mile 19) and North Cove Town Ramp (river mile 1), with an over night stay at Seldon Neck Campsite...

Anything I need to look out for?



on Saturday 26 May 2018 I launched out of Haddam Meadows SP (RM19) and headed upstream to Hurd SP (RM23). Then back down stream to camp at Selden Neck SP (RM11). Total mileage was 17.4 mi over about 6 hours of relaxed paddling. I highly recommend staying at Ceders Camp as it is off the main body of the river and very quiet. That site was taken so I stayed at the Hogback Camp area and this quieted down nicely once all the jet-skiers went home for the day. On day two I paddled from Selden Neck (RM11) to the North Cove Town Launch (RM1). Total mileage for day 2 was 11.3 mi over about 4 hours. Highlight of the trip was easily the mile or so off the main part of the river while going around behind Selden Neck. Too bad the whole river isn't this pretty.