My Troop will be canoeing down from Howard Island to West Lebanon Boat launch in the next few weeks for the first time. I'm trying to get my Scouts back to nature and how to camp with just what they have and bring for the three day trip. Is there anyone out there that could tell me know how high the water level is, I looked on the National Weather Service's Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service CT River Predictions Center, but not sure how to read the charts. Also if anyone have good place to stop along the way for resupplies along that rout, I could use that information as well. Thank you for your time


From Woodstock to Wilder Dam I believe you're paddling on water backed up behind Wilder Dam. Water levels should not be an issue as you're on flat water for the most part. You can save yourself some trouble at the Wilder Dam portage by taking your boats out there unless you want the lads to experience the portage. West Lebanon is only a few miles further on.
You can walk to the burger/ice cream shop in Fairlee, VT from the small dock before the big bridge. Just tie up your boats, leave a gear guard, walk up to Route 5 and head south for half a mile. I always stop for a meal there when paddling south.