Guildhall to Dalton - Advice?

Hi All - First trip planned for 9-11 Oct as below:

1. Meet up at Orford Landing in Fairleigh, VT, leave your car(s) there.

2. Pile in the truck and drive up to Woodsville access point

3. Leave the truck there and shove off

2. First night at the Harkdale Farm campsite (9 miles)

3. Second night at Underhill Campsite (13 miles)

4. Quick paddle down to Orford Landing on day 3 (6 miles)

A few questions:
A. What does parking look like at Orford Landing and Woodsville? How does the carry-in and carry-out look?
B. Campsites
i. Any permits required?
II. Fires permitted?
iii. If so, much firewood for the gathering?
iv. Other comments?

Other advice and comments appreciated!


PS - I tried posting under Trip Planning but got an error message it was a Forum Container and not a Forum - not sure what that means?

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Hi Bret,
It is a bit late for your trip, which sounded like a great route, but I trust you found adequate parking and access in Orford and Woodsville. Currently the only campsite requiring permits are Wilgus State Park and the Connecticut River State Park sites. Most, but not all, of sites allow campfires. We encourage the use of cook stoves and the practice of keeping fires small and controlled.