Ryegate Dam in Bath, NH to Wilder Dam, Wilder, VT in 5 days

Yesterday I finished helping lead 6 Boy Scouts down 53 miles the river in canoes and we had a great time.
We picked up a ton of trash along the way, including 16 tires. Many sections were pristine but there were some dumps that we couldn't get out without a pontoon boat and a fork lift.

<strong><em>Campsites used:</strong></em>
<ul><li>Howard Island - beautiful and big</li>
<li>Vaughan Meadow Campsite - lunch only</li>
<li>Bugbee Landing - Small site, on a stagnant side-river but has flush toilets and running water nearby! But some campers have abused this spot and given paddlers a bad name.</li>
<li>Roaring Brook - small but nice</li>
<li>Gilman Island - nice, a mile from town</li>

All of the campsites were pretty clean, including the privys.

<strong><em>GPS Position problems:</strong></em> I took the GPS locations for all access points and campsites from this website, created a Google Map of them, then loaded them directly into my GPS, which we used as our primary navigation source. I realize that GPS units include some inaccuracies, but a number of spots were off by more than a little. We wasted an hour trying to find Bugbee Landing Campsite and we weren't the first to trudge through marsh grass to where the GPS said it should be, so I don't think it was my unit. Another discrepancy meant we went 1.2 miles downriver to ask directions, then had to paddle back up to Ompompanoosuc Launch.

I believe the following sites weren't located well:
<ul><li>Howard Island Campsite</li>
<li>Newbury-Haverhill Bridge Access</li>
<li>Vaughan Meadow Campsite</li>
<li>Bugbee Landing Campsite</li>
<li>Bugbee Landing Access Point</li>
<li>Orford Boat Landing</li>
<li>Pastures Campground</li>
<li>Birch Meadow Campsite</li>
<li>Roaring Brook Campsite</li>
<li>Hewes Brook Boat Launch</li>
<li>Ompompanoosuc Launch</li>

I have updated our Google Map from our trip with what I believe are the correct locations for the above. I <strong>really</strong> appreciate that this site published these locations and the site descriptions, otherwise we would have spent even more time trying to find spots. Correcting these errors will save future travelers a lot of frustration.

Google map of our trip: http://goo.gl/maps/8GG6t

Everyone should be blessed with weather as good as we had! A sprinkle overnight and the rest was partly-sunny with no rain.

Starting Location: 
Ryegate Dam in Bath, NH
Days On The River: 
None noted.