Campsites in Charlestown area

Anyone know of a suitable tent-camping site between SCA Campsite and Lowed Meadows? For our planned trip, the former is a bit too short and the latter is a bit too long....

The map and this website don't list anything in between, but perhaps there is actually something feasible.

Just paddled that section a couple weeks ago. Not aware of any good spot in between, but, it's 11 miles between SCA and Lower Meadows. If SCA is two short, it's worth the extra effort to get to Lower Meadows where we camped. It's a nice campsite with two new platforms and a fenced pit toilet. Plus, it will set you up for an early morning portage around Bellows Falls Dam. My advice for Bellows Falls is cross over to VT on Arch Bridge and have breakfast at Miss Bellows Falls Diner.