Paddling from Canaan to Mouth

Interested in paddling from Canaan to the mouth of the CT River in 2-3 day segments. Experienced kayaker/camper. Seek recommendations on how to split it into segments and any other information on undergoing such an adventure.

Recently finished and have some ideas. For interesting paddling, the first day from Canaan moves fast and Sumner Falls further down are interesting but the rest is sedate water with average river speed of 1 mph. We did Canaan to Holyoke as a through paddle without support. At Bellows Falls had assistance from a 'river angel' with a truck and at Turner Falls from the local utility otherwise these portages would have been arduous. Comerford portage is very steep and a challenge for unassisted portage. We had a plan for campsites that was constantly revised based on daily progress. Many of the remote campsites offer privy's but no trash bins at campsites or portages. Resupply options very limited, bring what you need. South of Holyoke, no portages but campsite options are limited. Kings Island isn't official campsite but the distances make it preferred, ok spot on SE side of island. River Highlands very buggy in May, Hurd State Park was nicer. Hope this helps, enjoy your trip.

Recommend you paddle Canaan, VT to Wilder Dam in one week. Very nice paddle, with several portages, and easy to resupply from towns along the route after the first day.

Anyone park for a few days at the riverside launch point in Canaan, VT? If so, any issues like parking tickets or vandalism to your vehicle?